Succession Planning

Leaving your Legacy
to Family? to Employees? to a Private Equity Firm? to a Strategic Buyer?

We can help you identify the key issues, and plan a road map which provides the guidance to how your business will be transferred. The earlier you start thinking about succession planning, the better. This ongoing process helps identify and weigh the pros and cons of a family succession or inheritance, the sale to the employees of the company, or the sale of the business to someone outside of the business.

We work with you as an exiting owner to realise the capital and/or goodwill that has built up in the business. This can be arranged to fund your lifestyle either currently during a transition, or after your exit from the business. sWith proper succession planning, existing management can provide potential new owners, such as family members, the management team itself, or a private equity fund a platform for continued growth and prosperity.

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