Collateralized Securities Lending

Obtain funding with no restrictions by using your publicly traded securities as collateral. Through our lending partner you have access to funds for any purpose. 

What is it?
A fixed or revolving line of credit that lets you access liquidity from your existing portfolio to use for any purpose, with no restrictions on the use of your loan proceeds.

Recourse is limited solely to the collateral, with no personal guarantees or requirement to post additional collateral up front.

For Who & Why?

High-Net Worth clients
• Leverage your asset base.
• Diversify your risk.
• Tax and estate planning.

Family & Multi-Family Offices
• Access liquidity from otherwise idle investments.
• Increase assets under management.
• Offer new tax and estate planning options.

Controlling/Significant Shareholder
• Access liquidity without giving up voting rights.
• Re-invest in your company to increase ownership %.
• Re-invest in your company to provide source of funds.
• Diversify investment exposure.
• Invest in new ideas.
• Pursue leisure activities.

Investment Firms
• Maintain ownership exposure while redeploying capital in new investments.
• Increase assets under management.
• Lower the cost of capital.

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